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E.G. Gasanov

This and many other very interesting materials have been published in the book "Drug Abuse: Tendencies and Ways to Overcome It (based on materials of the Republic of Azerbaijan)" (Мoscow: "JurInfoR" Educational and Consulting Center, 1998)

Eldar Gasanov's Drug Abuse: Tendencies and Ways to Overcome It, is a thoughtful and comprehensive look at the multi-faceted problems created by the world-wide spread of narcotics. Not only does the treatise address the history and current trends of the drug abuse problem, including sociologic, economic and legal issues, it allows the reader to follow the steps taken by Azerbaijan in the difficult journey all states now face.

Suzanne Hayden,
American Narcotics Prosecutor

The problem of combating the illegal turnover of narcotics, which is the main theme of the book, written by E. Gasanov, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaidzhan, in the course of several years has turned for Russia and other states that used until recently to be part of the USSR, from mainly theoretical into very realistic threat to national security. Today the territory of the former USSR still continues to play the role of "transport corridor" for narcotics, transferred from the East and South-East to the West. At the same time the rate at which the consumption of narcotics on that territory is growing is so high that at the beginning of the next millennium a considerable part of its three hundred million people may become active participants in that market of narcotics. If no quick and effective countermeasures to that threat are taken we cannot exclude the possibility that the present generation of the Russians may live in a different world - the world in which a considerable part of the society will not be able to understand and accept the traditional moral values and symbols of the law.

At the same time the formation of a new enormous market of consumption of narcotics on post Soviet territory can stimulate "a second wind" for the world system of narcobusiness and by this create unsurmountable problems for civilization.

In this connection the role of international cooperation in the sphere of combating narcobusiness is bound to become of great importance. The most important condition for the effectiveness of such cooperation is the creation of one united legal territory in which all the law-enforcement bodies would have a clear-cut understanding of the degree of coordination required in the national legal measures of responsibility for crimes, related to the turnover of narcotics. The book by Eldar Gumbat ogly Gasanov is a considerable contribution into the creation of the basis for comparative commentary on criminal and criminal procedural legislation in English and Russian speaking countries in the part, related to combating the illegal turnover of narcotics.

S. Maksimov,
Head of the chair, the Institute of contemporary education "JurInfoR-MSU", professor for the Moscow Institute of the Interior Ministry, the Russian Federation, expert for the Security Committee, the State Duma, the Federal Assembly, the RF.

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